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Creativity is all about problem solving and persistence in getting it right. Generating ideas and developing concepts

can be effective in helping you connect with others.

Here's a video of a presentation I gave for the DigiStory group. It covers some of the ideas I share with students.

Bridging the digital divide is essential to everyone's future. Every student deserves

the opportunity to master the latest technology.

But it goes beyond plopping someone down in front of a computer. We need to guide them on how to

use the tools correctly and responsibly.

I've been helping mentor stop motion animation workshops. Students are taught the basics of storytelling,

scriptwriting, story boarding, sculpting, preparing backgrounds, set design,

voice recording, sound effects, filming, video editing, green screen effects and credits.

We were featured on a segment of the local morning show Kansas City Live.

Digital may be cutting edge, but sketches and hand crafted prototypes are an effective way to

communicate your ideas. I've given classes on paper craft pop-ups asking students to illustrate a scene

that is moving or funny to them. I held a pop up workshop at Truman High School around the holidays. 

I was impressed by their energy and the fun and animated concepts they created.

That same passion and enthusiasm was on display at the 2017 KC Makers Faire at Union Station. I helped demonstrate stop motion animation at the digiKIDS claymation booth. We won 2 Merit of Maker blue ribbons teaching the fundamentals of filmmaking. But I also showed how to build a simple claymation character.

Like hand-drawn animation, characters are made out of shapes. Round individuals are often soft and cuddly (Snoopy, My Little Kitty). Squares tend to be heavy and straight ahead (Iron Giant, Carl from Up).Triangles

represent wicked and sinister (Jafar, Evil Emperor Zurg). Additionally, the size of the facial features and their relationship to each other can determine a character's personality.

I had lumps of clay on hand for building.

Without prompting, kids would break off pieces

and start molding them together. 

Show curious builders the basics and then get out of their way.

There's a good chance they'll surprise themselves as much as they will you.

Click here if you would like to learn more about my presentations.