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Here’s my bio from the National Cartoonists directory. I was honored to be invited to join the NCS in early 2000. It's fun to hang out with fellow oddballs and meet with the people I admire in the industry. 


It also gave me the chance to invite world class artists to give talks at Hallmark. I would design posters for their appearance to show how much we appreciated their time and talent. 


Two of my favorites are Pete Docter and Sergio Aragones.

Pete is a brilliant filmmaker. He is the Director/Writer of Monsters Inc. and Academy Award winning films Up and Inside Out. His offbeat sense of humor and positive outlook shine through in all of his films.

Sergio is a prolific artist who has won every major award in the cartooning world. He is best known for his pantomime vignettes in the margins of Mad Magazine and penning the adventures of Groo the Wanderer.

His poster was easy to create because I had so much material to work with.

Some may wonder what it takes to be a successful cartoonist. It's been my personal observation that it requires two distinctive traits: passion and persistence.