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When videotape came along, I used the Pinnacle software program to edit my daughter's sports events and vacations. When Lauren asked me to make a short documentary of her wedding ceremony and reception, I had to up my game and purchase the Adobe Creative Suite 6 to learn and become proficient at Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition and Encore.

We hired my good friend David Albright who is a professional videographer and knows Lauren well. They talked about the moments she wanted to record and he was equipped to catch the unexpected surprises that inevitably occur. 

Lauren spent a good deal of time preparing for the event and it paid off. It was a fun and entertaining celebration.

I tried my best to convey that on film.

Then there are times you capture a moment that stands on its own and needs no editing. 


Lauren and Leah entered a grade school talent show with a third friend. Kelsey is nine years younger and was studying the routine from the sidelines. When the third dancer couldn't make it to practice, the girls let the eager understudy join in. 


I still maintain that they would have won the competition if they had left Kelsey in the performance.